Shutter House

Standing out for both its incredible design and as the flagship project for the newly established State of Kin, Shutter House seamlessly amalgamates a minimalist interior with an interactive mechanical façade referencing contemporary Japanese architecture.
Subtle details such as parquet and terrazzo flooring, circular skylights and exposed concrete ceilings coalesce to create this stunning residential form.

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Brunswick Californian

“Sitting at the end of, and in some ways in between two eras, we decided that restraint was called for in selecting new materials and finishes. We opted for simple geometric shapes and classic patterns to complement, and not compete, with the existing art deco features and the previous renovation. At the same time, details like custom-plated brass knobs were added to make the house feel just a bit more special, and imbue it with a stronger sense of place.”

Take a step inside this Melbourne bungalow with us and explore the ways in which architect Jos Tan was challenged to reconfigure the spaces within the existing structure fo the home while negotiating forms and finishes from three eras.

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“Highly efficient without compromising spatial quality, House_B is planned around a central courtyard to ensure a garden connection and light throughout – and a sense of space and depth despite the long narrow lot.”
Located in Dalkeith, this project by the talented Sandy Anghie was built adjacent to House A and responds directly to its environment, while also taking into consideration sustainability measures to provide viable energy resource options for the future.
The design was focused around showcasing a sensitive introduction to higher density living in one of Perth’s older suburbs while simultaneously remaining respectful to its context by taking cues from the mid-century homes that characterise Dalkeith.

Aimee Chappell Studio

As an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer, Aimee Chappell loves working with Australian and international brands and projects that are all about using socially conscious design to improve the way we live. After studying Graphic Design and Photomedia at Edith Cowan University in Perth, WA she was invited on two international tours to Shanghai in 2015 and 2016 to further explore the design world and form the essential basis that she has developed into her own studio.
Aimee’s work is eye-catching and playful and usually includes food, patterns and ladies. She loves bright colours and anything that screams functionality and efficiency, as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible in the process

Studio Garage

`The project provided us an opportunity to explore a different typology of dwelling that provides so much more flexibilities within a limited space. It can be a rented as a separate dwelling with its own entry or an office or a spare bedroom/extra space when guests visit’

This project was born out of a desire to create a studio space that blends with its environment and grew into a highly recognised and loved innovative design.

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Cabrini Hospital Malvern Permanent Art Installation

Known for forming immersive environments in a range of projects from architecture to commercial and retail spaces, ENESS used this project as an opportunity to turn walls into interactive stories.

Their light-emitting wood LUMES, is the first of its kind to integrate new media into the built form, shaping immersive environments of the future.

“Our goal was to maximise the space with interactive experiences that children could intuitively use,” said Cabrini Hospital’s Nurse Director for Women and Children, Andrea

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ETCH by Design

A year ago we talked to Richelle Doney,  the creative mind behind Melbourne-based design studio ETCH by Design, to see how the studio started and where it was heading.

12 months on and this small studio has produced some incredible projects, from local fit-outs to creative brand direction, receiving recognition on a national scale.

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